REINERT Products for prepared Meat Products and Convenience Food

The demand in finished and flexibly dosageable products in the field of food stuffs for the industry and catering has expanded continously. Convenience-food products are indispensable today.

Marinade Componds

The REINERT Gruppe develops and supplies special preparations which can easily be finished to seasoned marinades for barbecue-assortments. Your advantages are:

* easy to manufacture with water and oil

* small dosage (114 g Reinomix make 500 g marinade)

* simple dosage

* optimal shelf life

* better frying

* no syneresis

* no loss of marinade during barbecueing


The 12 REINERT marinade compounds for the barbecue season: Reinomix 34 (complete compounds) in the taste directions

  • Provencale
  • Asia
  • Kräuter-Knoblauch (herbs-garlic)
  • Paprika-Traum
  • HotTexas
  • Bärlauch (ramson)
  • Curry Pikant
  • Grill-Meister (barbecue master)
  • Gyros-Cajun
  • Italia
  • Mexico
  • Spareribs with honey


Our Avantin series offers classics of the „haute cuisine“ as prepared compounds, which are to be finished with water and cream:

  • Parmesan Sauce
  • Nudelauflauf (pasta bake)
  • Gorgonzola Sauce
  • Gouda Sauce
  • Emmentaler Sauce
  • Mascarpone Sauce
  • Bolognese Sauce


More complete preparations for sauces are:

  • Döner-Dressing Knoblauch (dressing with garlic for doner kebab)
  • Döner-Dressing Chillie (hot dressing with chillie for doner kebab)
  • Döner-Dressing f. Geflügel (dressing for poultry doner kebab)
  • Döner-Dressing Dill (dressing with dill for doner kebab)
  • Döner-Dressing Kräuter (dressing with herbs for doner kebab)
  • Sahne Sauce Carbonara (for Italian carbonara style sauces)
  • Pilzsauce „al Funghi“ (mushroom sauce)
  • Käsesauce “Parmigiana” (cheese sause)
  • Tomaten-Kräutersauce (tomato-herbs sauce)


We have developed some innovative products in the field of doner, kebab and gyros, which are being sold successfully. They facilitate the production in industrial scale to a great extent. Use our experience and innovative capacity for your production!

Reinert-Produkte for Döner, Döner-Kebap und Gyros


The demand in prepared and easy to dosage products for the food industry and catering has steadily increased. We have developed and are supplying special compounds which easily can be processed to get seasoning marinades for barbeque assortments. 


  • simple and quick preparation with water and oil
  • small dosage(114 g Reinomix are sufficient for          500 g of marinade)
  • easy to dosage
  • optimal shelf life
  • improved properties during frying
  • no loss of juice
  • marinade will not drip-off from the meat on the grill.

Die 12 Reinert Marinade Compounds for the barbeque season: Reinomix 34 (complete compounds)come in the following directions of taste:

  • Provencale
  • Asia
  • Kräuter-Knoblauch (herbs - garlic)
  • Paprika-Traum
  • Hot Texas
  • Bärlauch (bear leak)
  • Curry Pikant
  • Grill-Meister (barbeque champion)
  • Gyros-Cajun
  • Italia
  • Mexico
  • Spareribs mit Honig (with honey)


Our Avantin series offers evergreens of the haute cuisine in form of prepared compounds, to be puddled with cream and water:

  • Parmesan Sauce
  • Nudelauflauf (pasta bake)
  • Gorgonzola Sauce
  • Gouda Sauce
  • Emmentaler Sauce
  • Mascarpones Sauce
  • Bolognese Sauce

More sauce-compounds of the Reinert-Gruppe:

  • Döner-Dressing Knoblauch (with garlic)
  • Döner-Dressing Chillie
  • Döner-Dressing f. Geflügel (for poultry)
  • Döner-Dressing Dill
  • Döner-Dressing Kräuter (with herbs)
  • Sahne Sauce Carbonara
  • Pilzsauce „al Funghi“
  • Käsesauce “Parmigiana”
  • Tomaten-Kräutersauce (tomato-herbs sauce)



The Clean-Label products of the Reinert Gruppe for the natural intense taste are free from:

  • allergene ingredients subject to labeling
  • seasoning (HVP)
  • E 621 glutamate
  • yeast extrakt
  • spice extracts
  • flavours
  • palm fat